Welcome to única leathers

Welcome to única leathers – where we create small collections of handcrafted leather handbags for everyday, effortless wear. Why única? Because única means unique in Spanish and each piece is as unique as you are. 



An important theme for Unica Leathers, and a concept that is with us at every step during the process of making our handbags, is the slow fashion model. How do we contribute to this model? Our handbags are made from leather, a byproduct of the cattle industry. Also, we are highly particular about the quality of leather we use; we stay far away from harsh chemicals and toxic paints, opting for traditionally dyed leather.

Quality over quantity 

At única, we're all about quality that lasts. Our handbags are crafted from top-notch leather and hardware, guaranteed to stand the test of time. Besides delivering high-quality products, we purposely make small batches of each collection because we believe in reducing overall consumption and waste in the fashion industry.

Proudly Mexican owned 

We are a proudly Mexican brand that prioritizes keeping everything local and operated in Mexico. We work with local producers and leather craftsmen to support local economies, delivering a product that is 100% Mexican.

Timeless Designs

We're all about keeping it classy and timeless with our designs. We're more into creating pieces that'll never go out of style and we stay away from following trends or seasonal fads. That's why we keep our collections small and super unique – because who wants to blend in when you can stand out?

We listen you

We're detail-obsessed; every stitch gets our full attention. And your feedback? We love and value what you have to say! That way, we can continue creating products for you with you in mind. So please talk to us, whether is feedback or an idea, we'll listen!

Get ready to infuse your wardrobe with a touch of única. After all, life's too short for dull bags. Let's embark on this slow fashion journey together, one única bag at a time.